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    Volunteer Services
    Sutter Davis Hospital


    As a community hospital, we rely on the heartfelt efforts of volunteers to help create an atmosphere of healing within and beyond these walls. There are several programs and ways you can participate in helping Sutter Davis Hospital fulfill its commitment to the community.

    • Sutter Davis Hospital’s Volunteer Services offers camaraderie and the ability to improve lives through working in the hospital gift shop, the lobby information desk, and in support of many other hospital departments including the emergency department, and inpatient units. Membership is open to mature adults. To find out how you can be of service, please refer to the column on the right of this page labeled "Things you Need to Know." Follow the links to learn more information and register.
    • The Sutter Davis Student Volunteer program is administered and managed by the UC Davis Internship and Career Center, and only UC Davis students are eligible. To sign up, go to Other students and adults in transition between educational and employment opportunities must seek volunteer options elsewhere.

    Become a Volunteer Doula!

    When requested by the expectant mother, Sutter Davis Hospital offers a special program to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers during the childbirth process. The Sutter Davis Doula Program is administered by volunteer doulas trained in the physiological and emotional aspects of childbirth. They nurture the woman through one of the life's most precious events, helping to make it positive and memorable. Beyond seeing to the woman's comfort, the doula facilitates communication between the woman, her partner, and medical staff. The doula can explain what is happening during the birthing process and provide information to allow the woman to make informed decisions about her experience. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer doula, read more about the benefits of doulas for labor and delivery.